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Why are RENEWABLE energy cryptocurrency projects also important?

Cryptocurrency smart contracts crowd funding is the best most dependable way to completed renewable energy projects.

To minimise the carbon footprint associated with the first digital currencies, alternative models with a low environmental impact have been developed: the so-called green cryptocurrencies.

AiAdz Renewable energy projects  create tv campaign awareness AiAdz iwill create local campaigns for real utility for its smart contract with tv ad purchases in 150 countries.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a central criterion for the future of the blockchain industry. Achieving a cryptographic mechanism that is not only effective, but also efficient is essential to further expand the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. To analyse the energy efficiency of a particular cryptocurrency, it is necessary to inspect its process of creating and maintaining blocks of information: how the users of that currency have agreed to record and validate the information contained in each block of the distributed database.

All the most popular cryptocurrencies – such as Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency created in 2009 – are produced through mining. This is precisely the process that the new green cryptocurrencies want to rethink to reduce their disproportionate energy consumption. An inefficient energy expenditure, with its associated greenhouse gas emissions, opposed to the founding purpose of digital currencies to create a more accessible, fair, and sustainable system than traditional government-controlled currencies.

AiAdz has a goal of over 150,000 tv commercials in 150 countries to increase the understanding of how renewable technology can reduce not only the blockchains carbon foot, but all local businesses through the AIADZ tv commercial campaigns


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