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SecondFi Raised $10M in Private and Pre-sale Rounds Funding from Theta Ventures and other Web3 Investors

SecondFi, the first Web3 lifestyle super-app with fun social and game elements, raised a $10M Private and Pre-sale rounds from leading investors including Theta Ventures – a leading investor in the web 3.0 space. The backers will assist SecondFi’s objective to motivate millions to adopt better lives by connecting them to the Web3 and positively impacting the population’s overall health.

In the current phase, which is the first phase of SecondFi, through SecondFi’s App and Marketplace, users may purchase Backpacks that can be used to earn tokens while walking, jogging, or cycling. The smartphone software helps by tracking the users’ outdoor movements based on the time and distance traveled and rewards them with tokens that can be paid out to stablecoin instantaneously to their wallets. With what SecondFi has brought to the market, individuals can easily access the Crypto market and earn valuable incentives while pursuing their fitness objectives. The coming phases of SecondFi will be sure to transcend normal Fitness or any move-to-earn app with various features to come.

SecondFi is a Web3 gaming and lifestyle super-application. It combines the actual world with a pleasant and accessible exercise experience based on digital asset ownership”, according to Theta Ventures’ chief financial officer, Daniel. “We are intrigued about SecondFi’s ability to foster fitness habits while also exposing consumers to the Crypto world.”

The CEO of Theta Ventures, Dmitriy Dominik, deems SecondFi’s gamified, fitness-focused lifestyle super-app to be a good concept. “The added financial incentive modifies the dopamine curve just enough to attract millions of people to better lives and the Web 3.0 era. The team’s experience and execution speed have impressed us thus far, and we cannot wait to collaborate with them to develop a robust and sustainable Token Ecosystem over the long run.”

SecondFi plans to develop and release additional features in the coming months including social elements, Virtual Assistant, Health Evaluation, and more. Additionally, the team is regularly embracing community comments and designing its application with care.

“SecondFi is a Web3 app that encourages an active lifestyle by making walking and running exciting and engaging; the app straddles two huge trends: Health & Fitness apps and Earning applications,” explains Benjamin, one of SecondFi’s Angel Investors.

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