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Introducing BeArt Visionary Club: A New Paradigm for Art Enthusiasts, Investors, and Technologists

On March 12th, 2024, the BeArt Visionary Club will officially launch and be listed on OpenSea. BeArt Visionary Club  will become the ultimate symbol of identity for BeArt members. Due to its artistic design, it inherently possesses high artistic value.

Why the world of art needs BeArt?

When I say the world, I refer to the vast realms of both web2 and web3. The traditional art collection market is monopolized by centralized individuals and institutions, with almost all pricing and authentication of art collections heavily reliant on so-called “experts” and “institutions.” Thus, we witness countless counterfeit and fraudulent incidents. A revolution is quietly underway, originating from the core technology of archaeology and artifact restoration, BeArt provides the world with a new answer: trust in science, trust in data, trust in publicly available on-chain information.

Simultaneously, in the world of web3, whether it’s the once-hot MEME or the current wave of inscription markets, pure databases and code are hard-pressed to support the corresponding NFT (token) values. The evolution of a technology requires constant validation from the market, and declining transaction volumes will bring disaster. The geeks, investors, and art enthusiasts of this world urgently need a type of NFT with value support to stabilize the market.

In summary, BeArt will bring a new life to NFTs with value support and ecosystem benefits to the world!

Catalogue: Ensure the “uniqueness” and “orderly transmission” of art collections

In general, the value of an art collection generally includes two aspects: artistic value and collectible value. Regarding artistic value, take a painting as an example, professional connoisseurs will deconstruct and analyze it from five aspects: size (larger sizes are generally more valuable than smaller ones), type (figurative or abstract), theme (figures or stories), lighting (nature of the scene’s light source, brightness), and color (monochrome or multicolor). A benchmark can generally be formed from historical style trends of traded paintings, allowing us to gauge the approximate artistic value of different styles of paintings from different periods.

Collectible value, on the other hand, is more interesting. Industry insiders often consider more factors such as the authenticity of the painting (whether it is genuinely created by the signed artist), completeness, rarity, whether it has been collected by celebrities, etc. Various hearsays in non-art circles are often related to the huge fluctuations in the collectible value of art collections. Overall, for art collections, ensuring their “uniqueness” and “orderly transmission” is essential to increasing their collectible value.

Everyone’s genetic information cannot be forged, and art collections are no exception. The question is how to determine the genetic standards of art collections? BeArt’s Catalogue system provides us with an answer. Under a high-precision microscope, a piece of paper will display a microscopic structure formed by stacked fibers at the micrometer level. This structure, like human DNA, is randomly formed and different from each other. This means that if we determine several fixed points and the rules of the fiber stacking structure, then no matter how much time has passed, we can still determine that this piece of paper is the one we modeled. Even if just from this dimension, we can basically eliminate the possibility of future artificial counterfeiting. In addition, BeArt will also collect material science information (element composition), color information (color analysis), etc., for a total of 5 dimensions of information. After an art collection undergoes this certification process, no matter how long, BeArt will be able to confirm its authenticity with 99.99% certainty. This is the technological basis for ensuring the “uniqueness” of art collections.

We are a web3 team, which means we adhere to open and transparent technological principles. We will distribute the information mentioned above and cast it into tokens on the chain, namely Genetic NFTs (GNFTs). It is not the traditional media format such as images or videos; for better display and future applications, we have developed a new file format. You will see this innovative display effect on BeArt. Of course, most importantly, you will find that GNFTs will represent ownership of Real World Assets and other rights.

When everything comes to the chain in the web3 world, the corresponding circulation information of GNFTs (or the new life form of physical collections) will be publicly available across the network. Whether celebrities, or you, have ever owned this van Gogh painting, will enhance its collectible value. And this ensures the “orderly transmission” of art collections.

Fig.1 The stacking of fibers in paper at the microscopic level

The value of BeArt Visionary Club (BeArt NFT)

Yes, as you know, BeArt will become a club for art enthusiasts, investors, and geeks! BeArt has already collaborated with over 40 artists and art institutions from Japan, Spain, the United States, and China. They will showcase and auction their collected and created artworks by certifying and casting GNFTs on BeArt. Together, they will form the ecosystem members of BeArt.

BeArt Visionary Club (NFT, abbreviated as BVC, limited to 9999) will become the ultimate symbol of identity for BeArt members. Due to its artistic design, it inherently possesses high artistic value. Additionally, BVC will enjoy the following rights and values throughout the ecosystem:

  • A perpetual 10% share of the commissions from the trading of the Top 100 artworks in the GNFT pool. This means that for any future transactions of these 100 GNFTs and their corresponding physical collections, you will have dividend rights (not just for the initial transaction).
  • 5% of Be.Art’s profits in perpetuity. In communication with artists and art institutions, we were pleasantly surprised to find that BeArt’s core technology has additional use cases. For example, it can become a certification technology platform for other trading malls. A portion of the profits from this will also belong to BVC holders.
  • 20% discount on commission for participating in GNFT transactions. Compared to traditional auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s, although trading GNFTs through BeArt greatly reduces handling and certification costs, there are still service fees, which are one of the core profit methods of the BeArt ecosystem. BVC holders will enjoy a permanent discount when buying or selling GNFTs.
  • Free VIP tickets to offline/online art exhibitions. Yes, we will collaborate with artists and art institutions to hold art exhibitions globally. BVC holders will receive free VIP tickets which hold a market price.
  • Priority to owning a personal art gallery. Organizing an art exhibition for a specific individual to tell their life story or express a concept will be a cutting-edge life experience in the future. BVC holders will have early access to this.
  • Free circulation in the secondary market.
  • Other interesting features

Fig.2 BeArt Visionary Club Shot

BeArt Vionary Club Launch Date and Purchase Channels

Launch Date: March 12th, 2024, 11:00 AM UTC+0

Purchase Channels

The BeArt official website will be the first channel. Due to the limited quantity of BVC, it is strongly recommended to bind your wallet and switch to the ETH network in advance to ensure successful minting at the earliest opportunity.

Supported wallets: Metamask and Wallet Connect

To facilitate more users, BVC also supports purchasing through Opensea. After minting, each BVC will also be tradable on Opensea.

Note: Only whitelist users have the minting qualification for BVC. Please follow BeArt’s X and TG and participate in community activities to obtain whitelist access.

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