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“Landlord” Officially launched, combining blockchain technology with Monopoly-style gameplay

Welcome to a new gaming experience, where Landlord seamlessly combines digital economy and blockchain technology to bring users a unique and captivating adventure. In this virtual digital kingdom, you will face global economic challenges, accumulating wealth through gaming, trading, and strategic decisions. Let’s delve into this captivating digital wonderland.

Game Overview

Landlord is a Monopoly like strategy game set against the backdrop of the digital economy. In this game, players enter a digitized future society, accumulating wealth through investments, trading, and managing virtual assets. Built on blockchain technology, the game ensures transparent, secure, and traceable circulation of virtual wealth.

Background Story

Set in a parallel timeline of a digital society, the global economy is dominated by blockchain technology. With the rise of digital currencies, players are invited into this digital world to experience the wonders of the digital economy. Here, everyone has the opportunity to become a giant in digital assets, building their own digital wealth kingdom through intelligence and strategy.

Grand Scale

The game features a vast and intricate virtual map covering multiple digital cities and regions. Each city has unique digital features and economic opportunities. Players can freely navigate this digital kingdom, participating in global-scale digital economic competition.

Advantages of Blockchain Attributes

Decentralized Economy:

The game’s economic system is based on blockchain technology, ensuring decentralized management for the safety, transparency, and traceability of players’ digital wealth.

Cryptocurrency Transactions:

Players use cryptocurrencies for in-game transactions, making transactions more convenient and swift while enhancing asset security.

Digital Scarcity:

Virtual assets in the game exist in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ensuring the uniqueness and scarcity of each digital asset.

Smart Contract Protocols:

The game employs smart contract technology, making transactions, collaborations, and gaming fair, transparent, and offering highly programmable game mechanics.

Gaming and Strategy

Real Estate Auctions:

Players can acquire city plots through auctions, each with unique attributes and potential returns. Auctions create a tense and competitive digital game.

Marketplace Transactions:

The in-game marketplace offers various cards and special skills. Players enhance their economic strength by buying and trading these items.

Cryptocurrency Fluctuations:

The in-game cryptocurrency market is influenced by supply and demand dynamics and gaming strategies. Players need to adapt to currency fluctuations to seize trading opportunities.

Appreciation of Digital Assets:

Players owning plots can increase their assets’ value by upgrading them, creating a cycle of appreciation in the digital economy.

Game Depth

Digital Socialization:

The game features an in-built social system where players can establish digital social networks for cooperation, communication, and competition.

Global Economic Competition:

Players can engage in global economic competitions, competing with others to reach the pinnacle of the digital economy.

Virtual Ecosystem:

The game establishes a vast virtual ecosystem, including digital industries, virtual markets, and digital innovations.

Diversity of Digital Assets:

Digital assets in the game include not only plots but also various virtual businesses, digital goods, and digital artworks, creating a rich and diverse environment.


Landlord is an adventure in the digital wonderland, seamlessly combining blockchain technology with Monopoly-style gameplay to create a real, secure, and unique digital economic kingdom. Here, you will experience a new dimension of digital wealth and become a leader in the digital era. Join us, explore the future of digital wealth, and create your own digital legend!

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