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Kukurun, Web3 service platform app released by EastVerse, signed up over 100 partnership stores in Okinawa, making it No.1 in Japan

Introducing EastVerse, a Web3 project to empower the offline business in Japan.

EastVerse empowers tourism and offline stores with Crypto technology, integrating the value of Japan’s tourism and offline stores into the web3 token economy, linking offline (Japan) with online (global). In the future, offline business will expand to more regions in East Asia and Southeast Asia, continuously bringing new users to the web3 industry.

The web3 ecosystem in Japan is a self-consistent system, strongly supported by the government, it attracted many large companies to join in. With one of the most high-quality users in the world, and the largest web3 market in Asia, Japanese market is considered to be one of the few global web3 markets that is able to innovate offline service business.

Seizing the opportunity of Japanese market, EastVerse will import more realistic application layer value and usage scenarios (empowering tourism, offline stores, web3 game, etc.), introduce real users, achieve user social division of labor, value creation, value exchange, and make the tokenomics (offline×online, Japan×Global) truly robust, sustainable, and resembles the free market economy of the real world, thereby get rid of the crisis of Ponzi economics ,making novel innovations and continuous efforts for the web3 industry.

The number of partnership stores is still increasing, expected to exceed 200 in 2023

As a part of EastVerse, the  DX platform app“Kukurun”has announced that over 100 stores in Okinawa has signed up its NFT partnership. EastVerse integrates various offline services such as tourism with Web3 internet services, in order to promote tourism and revitalize the local economy in Okinawa and expand to East Asia in the future.

First step of service is to sell PASS NFT as coupons that can be used in partnership stores.

The Web3 comprehensive platform app “Kukurun”, presented by the EastVerse project, will release PASS NFT as its first service.  Holders will be able to use PASS NFT as coupons in NFT partnership stores in Okinawa, by authenticating their NFT with dedicated app. As a Web3 project, Kukurun has the largest number of NFT partnership stores in Japan (※ Self-researched)

Kukurun contributes to tourism promotion and local economic revitalization.

The comprehensive platform “Kukurun” combines online services, including NFT, with offline services from local partnership stores in Okinawa. To promote tourism, create employment, and revitalize the local economy, Kukurun contributes in different ways, such as providing NFT x local specialty products as rewards of hometown tax payment, donating to Shuri Castle reconstruction and Okinawa nature conservation activities, and supporting local business to go online.

Kukurun aim to have more than 200 NFT partnership stores by the end of the year, and plan to release the Kukurun app and PASS NFT next year.

From next year onwards, the number of NFT partnership stores is expected to reach 1,000 in Okinawa.

List of Kukurun partnership stores (excerpted)


◾ Mexican food Amigo

◾ Ramen Sakaba Mauroa

◾ Seafood and Sakaba Tominoya

◾ UoSushi Public market main & detached house,

◾ Bamboo charcoal, binchotan, robata-yaki Takesumi


◾ Marine Joint (diving service)

◾ Anella (diving service)

[Tourism services]

◾ Maharo Rent-a-car

◾ Umigoya Rent-a-car

[Other services]

◾ my time Okinawa city store and Naha store (massage)

◾ PAINT STUDIO OKINAWA (art production)

And more than 70 other partnership stores

Supervising organization

【General Incorporated Association East Asia WEB3.0 Promotion Committee】

Established with the aim of strengthening the cooperations between Japan and the East Asia and achieving healthy and sustainable development of the digital society through the use of Web3.0.

Using blockchain technology, we will make Okinawa a starting point for a brand new tourism experience in Japan, through NFT and Metaverse. In addition, we will work on creating employment in tourism industry, and devote our efforts to extensive research and inspection, enlightenment activities, environmental improvement, etc. While establishing a leading status in the industry, we will continue to contribute to the development of East Asia and Japan.

Operating company

【ULUOI Co., Ltd.】

◾ Business description: A comprehensive Web3 trading company that supports local governments in Web3 through a variety of services. Such as NFT, BCG (blockchain game), community development, etc.

◾ Location: Minami-Aoyama 2-2-15 Win Aoyama BIZ+, Minato, Tokyo

◾ URL:

◾Contact Person: Miura

◾Email: [email protected]

◾City: Tokyo

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