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Exclusive ‘The Thinker’ NFTs To Release In 3D and Augmented Reality on ElmonX

One of the most iconic sculptures of all time: The Thinker releases as an NFT 9th April on ElmonX.

ElmonX, formerly Vtail is launching The Thinker NFT, launching on Friday, 7th at 8 a.m. PT – private access only to the first 500 ElmonX app users.

The Thinker, originally called The Poet by Auguste Rodin, is a world-famous sculpture that captures the intense concentration and introspection of a solitary figure lost in thought. Made of bronze, the sculpture depicts a man seated on a rock with his chin resting on his hand, deep in contemplation.

Their notable previous NFT releases include: The Mona Lisa and The Starry Night.

One digital collectible is launching:

  • The Thinker Original Edition: 550 NFTs

Buyers can pay with credit card through a private invite link

About ‘The Thinker’:

Although The Thinker was originally part of a larger work called The Gates of Hell, it became so popular that it was cast as a separate piece and exhibited on its own. The sculpture’s ambiguity and open interpretation make it a subject of intense debate and discussion among art historians and enthusiasts alike. While some see the sculpture as representing deep contemplation, others interpret it as a representation of the struggle to find meaning in life. Despite the differing views, The Thinker remains a beloved work of art that inspires thought and reflection in all who encounter it.

This is the first ever officially licensed The Thinker NFT as a premium digital artwork in 3D by ElmonX. Holders can view and interact with the NFT in Augmented Reality.

About ElmonX:

ElmonX, formerly Vtail, works seamlessly with an immutable, unhackable distributed database of digital assets. Decentralized and immutable blockchain systems allow product tracking to its origin, with traceability through every step of the supply chain. Collectors can use augmented reality to view and interact with the NFTs, with the ability to scale the asset to fit their surroundings.

The ElmonX mobile apps are launching in 2023 with a focus on licensed products, aiming to enrich the experience of collecting NFTs, specifically art through: digital products, animation, and experiences.

The Thinker NFT Launch Date: 7th April – 9th April 2023 starting at 8am PT – Private Access Sale Only

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