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The Next Myro token has been discovered

At Black Mountain Crypto we regularly review upcoming coins and found something with what we believe to have significant upside potential, similar to projects like Myro and Bonk.

The project is Just The Tip ($TIPS). For us it checks all of the boxes: the website is spectacular with thoughtful design and a great color scheme – honestly take a look for yourself here, (seriously the rocketship is hysterical). The project is about a rocketship called Just the Tip and their Captain called TIPS.

The second box this project checks is that it lives in the Solana ecosystem. Solana is one of the hottest chains right now and has a TON of liquidity on it. The gas fee’s are almost nonexistent and it’s super easy to use. They are community based, which really gives us Myro vibes which has done multiple 100x.

The other two significant reasons we think this project could actually surpass Myro are their NFT’s and web based games. Right now they have one web based arcade game that has future plans of implementing token integration with at least 3 other games on the horizon for 2024. Additionally, their NFT projects are creative and bright which is a breath of fresh air in the NFT space. Their 1000 NFT focus on TIPS, the Captain of the Just The Tip rocketship. It’s small things like the NFT and games that help set Just The Tip apart from other projects and why we believe this has the potential to surpass projects like Myro which had a peak market cap of over 200 million dollars!

The tokenomics of this project are also superb. 100% of the tokens are circulating which means that no new tokens can ever be created or minted. The total supply is 69,000,000 which checks the meme token box as well. After sifting through hundreds of projects across dozens of chains, Just The Tip really stands out as a potential contender to be the next Myro or Bonk on the Solana ecosystem. They have the marketing in place to be the next mega project on Solana if everything works out as planned. As always, none of this is financial advice and you must do your own research before purchasing any form of cryptocurrency.

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